Boat charters for fishing and sightseeing. Local English-speaking staff will guide you with a cheerful heart. Palau Ocean & Field May Nine Ltd.



Do I need permits just for going fishing?

Yes,permits are mandatory and depending on what state your fishing in the prices may Change .$10~$20 dollars per person on the boat.If you are fishing in Koror state waters you are also required to have a rock island permit also($50).your guide will tell you the necessary permits for your fishing trip.
P.s.Permit prices are not included in the charter price and can only be payed in Palau At the approved authorities.

Should I bring my own fishing gear?

We recommend you bring your own fishing gear if you can afford it,bringing a rod case to Palau can be pricey.Island seed ltd. has a good selection of rods and reels and all the other gear you need for rental.Save money by just bringing your reels,lines tools and mostly your own lures.

What if I have to go to the toilet?

Don't worry!When you have to go, please notify your guide and we will not hesitate to drive you to the closest island or dock that has a toilet (most rock islands have one).If your not the shy type,the ocean is another option.Please try to relieve yourself in the morning so you may enjoy a full day of fishing.

What if I get seasick?

We ask you to notify the guide about your seasickness before it gets bad and Depending on your situation,your guide will,

  • 1)Go to a no wave area to fish
  • 2)Go to a close beach or dock to rest and then try again
  • 3)Worst case you may cancel the charter but no refund is rewarded if this happens.
I'm a fisherman but my( friends,wife,girlfriend,family and etc.....)are not but,I want to go fishing!

No problem,we can do a personal charter for you and your companion or companions, We can do a little of everything for everyone aboard the boat.Also we can teach your Companions how to fish while you enjoy your own fishing.
ish,cruising,swimming,snorkeling and just enjoying the beach all in one trip!